Introducing HealthTunes!

Crank up the Daft Punk and butter up your croissants! Walter is headed to France for the Cannes Lions Health 2016 in June to launch our new world changing service, Musikvergnuegen and HealthTunes are hosting a live event called When Medicine Rocks! at this year’s Cannes Lion Health 2016, where Walter, along with Chris Benicchi – Global Marketing Director of UCB, and Mitch Apley – Senior Director of Broadcast at Abelson Taylor, will be discussing the benefits of healing with music and debuting to the public.

Walter and the team have been tirelessly working on this amazing new venture, which will give physicians, therapists and patients the tools and resources to utilize and understand the scientifically proven healing benefits of music.

HealthTunes has already garnered the support and enthusiasm of many physicians and titans of the technology industry and music legend and animal rights activist, Moby, has provided a pre-recorded video for the event where he will discuss his thoughts on the subject of healing with music and the benefits of HealthTunes.

Be sure to check out the link and if you or anyone you know will be attending Cannes this year, we would love to see you at the Inspiration Stage so you can learn more about this exciting new venture.0f2ca314-855b-432e-832a-bcda774c6cb0-1