Divided by 13- RSA20, FTR37, JRT915
Fender- Deluxe Reverb, Deluxe, Bandmaster, Tremelux, Super Reverb
Marshall- 100 watt Super Lead
Vox- AC30
Ampeg- Reverb Rocket
Matchless- Spitfire 15
Gibson- EH185
Silvertone- Twin Twelve
Magnatone- M10

Gibson- 125, Trini Lopez, Les Paul, 330, 335, Southern Jumbo, LG2
Fender- Jazzmaster, Tele’s, Strat, Coronado 12
Gretch- Chet Atkins
Hamer- Newport, Monaco, Newport 12
Martin- 00021, 0018,
Guild- F20
Silvertone, Dan Electro, Jerry Jones, Noble, etc

SIT Strings, D’Addarrio Strings, Planet Waves, Divided By 13
Dunlop Effects, Strymon Effects, Electro Harmonix, Line 6, Voodoo Labs, Zvex, etc. etc. etc

Have a look at the photos and if you have any questions about effects or getting sounds, feel free to contact me